iOS Apps Drive 300% More Revenue Than Android’s

Apple and Google are at it again. Now, this isn’t about Steve Jobs last wish to terminate Android, but about a recent report that shows iOS apps drive 300 percent more revenue than Android’s counterparts.

According to, the analytics firm Flurry Analytics decided to gather up the data after Eric Schmidt, Google’s Chairman, said that developers will focus on Android apps over iOS within the next six months, as the entire market shifts away from the “iPhone-centric development”.

Flurry Analytics’ report shows that Android’s share of new developer projects has actually declined throughout the current year, while Apple’s applications tend to drive much more revenue. In the first quarter of the year, new Android apps made up 37 percent of the market versus the iOS’s 63%. By the fourth quarter, Android’s share was down to 27 percent.

At the same time, Flurry says that Google is currently ahead of Apple when it comes to numbers of devices activated each day. According to Google, in November 200 million Android based devices have been activated. Another study comes to support Google’s leader status on the smartphone market, as NPD Group said that Android based smartphones make up 53 percent of the U.S. smartphone market.

Analysts say that if Google manages to drive more developers to come up with applications using a paid-based system, such as Apple’s, it will stand better chances to become leader. According to Flurry, “for every $1 generated on iOS, the same app will generate 24 cents on Android”.

The two telecom companies are fighting on a market that has an immense potential. According to an analysis, published earlier this year by Canalys, mobile application stores are expected to top $14 billion in direct revenue in 2012. Downloads of Android based applications are expected to exceed those of iOS, but nonetheless iOS should generate $2.86 billion in application revenue by 2016, while Android’s will be $1.5 billion.

To be fair, Apple and Google own the most used systems on the planet which means their one step away from becoming a world leader. But, for now, Apple’s in the lead, while Google is coming fast from behind with only one purpose in mind: dethrone iPhone and iPad.

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