iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad Gets New Update

On Monday, Apple released a major update for the iOS 7 operating system. This is the newest update that the famous tech giant released for both the iPhone and the iPad. 

Apparently, the purpose of the new update is to improve reliability of the fingerprint sensor that comes in the iPhone 5S. However, this is not the only change that can be seen with this update. It also makes several adjustments to Siri. 

So, one of the most important updates that Apple made to its operating system is repairing the issue with the fingerprint sensor. In fact, since the release of iPhone 5S many users have complained that the phone’s signature feature, the Touch ID, is occasionally experiencing certain issues with reading the user’s fingerprint. 

Apple claimed that the iOS 7.1 update comes to completely solve this issue and improve the performance of Touch ID. Still, Apple announced that this is not the only issue that the company will address. In fact, they will also target the problem that has caused the iPhone to restart, while certain apps have crashed. 

Another important update regards the functionality of Siri. With iOS 7.1, Siri gets a new update, as well, to become simpler to use, by holding down the home button and immediately starting to dictate the command. A new update was brought to the camera of the iPhone 5S. Now, it is capable of detecting when a picture can use High-Dynamic Range to improve its quality, using the function by default and enhancing simple usage. 

iTunes Radio, the Calendar App, as well as FaceTime, all received some new updates. CarPlay is another feature that the update brings, a new app that Apple announced only last week. 

iOS 7 was released by Apple in September. This operating system actually shocked at the time of its release, as it seemed very different from what Apple launched until then. Well, analysts say that what is really curious is the amount of time that Apple needed to update its iOS 7. 

So, even though certain issues were reported sooner, Apple needed months until releasing an update to address those problems that users experienced with their devices. This means that it has been quite frustrating for users to deal with these issues until Apple was able to come with the solution.

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  1. I did the ipad update 2 days ago. Now in one of my favorite apps (Skies of Glory) the date , battery and wi fy bar at the top is too big and blocks required parts of the game. This happens only in this game and makes it hard to play. Any suggestions?

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