Intruder takes bath and eats from the fridge in Celine Dion’s house

On Monday, the Montreal police arrested an intruder who broke into the house of celine Dion and her husband, took a bath and ate some pastry from the fridge. The man, who originally claimed he was a family friend, was also held for a psychiatric evaluation, BBC reports.

The home of Celine Dion and her family was the home of some other person for a few hours, on Monday. While de pop icon and husband Renee Angelil were away, a man broke into their home and made himself comfortable. He went into the bathroom, opened the water and prepared himself a bath. While getting to know the surroundings, he helped himself with some pastry in the fridge. At a certain point, however, he managed to get the alarm of the house ringing. When the police came on the property, he greeted them in the most unusual way. According to the police spokesman, Franco Di Genova, “the suspect was coming down the big staircase and was asking, ‘Hey, guys what are you doing here?”

The police interrogated the man, whose name was Daniel Bedard. He was a local and was 36 years old. When the officers asked him what he was doing in the diva’s home (just outside Montreal), he answered that he was a friend of the family. The police took him downtown for further investigation. There, he confessed that he found the garage door opener in an unlocked car. So he used it.

The police officers later discovered that the man had smoked in the kitchen and had taken a snack (they found several cigarette butts and snack wrappers).

Daniel Bedard was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. He was released on Tuesday morning. The Canadian man now faces a long list of charges, among which breaking an entrance, property damage and car theft.

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