Intoxicated Neighbor Breaks Into Tom Cruise’s House

The Associated Press reports that Tom Cruise’s intoxicated neighbor was mistaken for a prowler and immobilized by on-duty security officers. The man was taken into custody for trespassing and was hospitalized to treat any problems arising from the use of the stun gun.

Security officers working at Tom Cruise’s Beverly Hills property stopped a man from trespassing the actor’s home on Sunday evening. The man climbed the fence and entered the property, which is why the guards thought he was a prowler and made use of the stun gun in order to arrest him.

After they have taken a closer look at the intruder the guards realized the arrested man was Tom Cruise’s neighbor living in the house next to him. The man was heavily intoxicated and, therefore, he mistook the “Mission Impossible” star’s house with his. The actor and the rest of his family members were not present at home when the incident occurred. The 41-year-old neighbor was, nevertheless, arrested for trespassing and was transported to the hospital to be treated of any possible injuries caused by the stun gun.

Investigators were relieved to find out that the so-called intruder was actually a neighbor because many more celebrities’ homes have been broken into in the past year. The most recent property intrusion took place in September when a man armed with a pair of scissors trespassed on Miley Cyrus’ home in Los Angeles. Luckily, the singer was not at home at the time of the incident.

A similar event took place in August when LL Cool J was attacked by an intruder in his house. The burglary suspect entered his Studio City home and became violent when he realized the actor was at home. Cool J got into a physical altercation with the burglar and succeeded in holding him down until police officers arrived and took custody of the man.

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