Interesting facts about TiVo Bolt

Well, it looks like TiVo has given up making DVRs and oriented its attention to entertainment systems. This means that it has changed the design, going from a traditional big black box to a thinner, smaller and more attractive device. 

An interesting fact is that the new TiVo Bolt doesn’t home any buttons or external lights and has an attractive bend that helps that box stand out and be suitable for every living room. The new TiVo Bolt is probably the perfect device to sit under a TV. 

Along with TV shows, the new TiVo Bolt offers direct access to individual apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Plex, Vudu and many others. Another interesting fact is that TiVo Bolt is the first device from the company that support 4K-resolution video Netflix and YouTube. 

As everyone knows, 4K support is now the latest feature that every company tries to introduce on their streamers, smartphones and TVs. Therefore, 4K support is the new feature for this sixth-generation TiVo and to go along with the new design, the company also introduced a new look of the program guide and added station graphics. Now, the guide can be filtered by users, allowing them to view a list just with football games or kids’ channels or action movies. 

The new TiVo Bolt is available at the price of 300 dollars for 500GB of storage and 400 dollars for 1TB of storage. To be added that at 500GB of storage, users will be able to store approximately 75 hours of HD content, while on the 1TB version they can store 150 hours of HD content. 

However, probably the main attraction on this new TiVo Bolt is the service fee. For starters, customers’ need to know that in the purchase price there is included a year of service, but after that, they will have to pay 15 dollars a month or 150 dollars a year. Moroever, TiVo has decided to go further and they have included a price of 600 dollars for the life of the product. The company has called this “All in pricing.”

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