Interesting facts about the new Jawbone Up2

It is well-known the fact that Jawbone’s bands are running one of the best software at the moment. That is why they are so appreciated and they are considered to be among the best fitness trackers on the market. 

The original Jawbone Up was probably one of the best fitness trackers on the market, but sadly, with the release of the Up2, this fitness tracker showed some of its minuses. Among the things that Up2 lacked were automatic sleep tracking, heart rate tracking and a comfortable fit. Well, it seems that these minuses have been resolved because the company has released a new version of the Jawbone Up2.

The new Jawbone Up2 is available now and it is coming with a redesign that makes the band more comfortable and more stylish. However, the most important thing is that it will be less likely to fall from the user’s wrist. This means that the new Jawbone Up2 leaps and bounds better than the previous model. To be added that this fitness tracker has a new firmware update that features overdue automatic sleep tracking, a feature that was not found on the previous Up2. 

The new Jawbone Up2 is available at the price of 100 dollars, but the company is still continuing to sell the original Up2. However, the new Up2 comes with great new features that will probably attract a lot of customers. So, what can this new fitness tracker do? The new Jawbone Up2 doesn’t come with GPS, an optical heart-rate sensor or any other sort of notifications from user’s smartphone. This fitness tracker only does the basics, meaning that it can track the steps users take each day, the calories burned or distance traveled.

As it was already mentioned, there is a sleep tracking onboard and with the new update made to the software, users will not have to tap the band to put it in sleep mode. All activities are recorded automatically, which will finally put the Jawbone in direct fight with Garmin, Fitbit and Misfit. Moreover, the company claims that Up2’s battery life will last approximately 10 days on a full charge. 

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