Intel’s First Chips In Orange Retailed Smartphone

For a chipmaker, the smartphone industry carries a huge revenue potential, one that cannot be missed out on. That’s why Intel has decided it was time to get active in the market too. The company’s first chips have already made in into the smartphone market thanks to Orange’s retailed gadgets.

The truth is that when picking out a smartphone, a lot of users are looking for signs that will attest the gadget is durable and capable of high performances. Until now, that was straightforward only for the buffs, but now that Intel’s logo will be clear on gadgets, users are likely to adopt technologies they know are effective.

Plus, since the chipmaker has already made a name for itself in the PC, laptop, notebook markets, it’s quite likely that the Intel chip branded smartphones will sell better. And it’s even straightforward to imagine the selling pitch for a smartphone carrying Intel’s best performing processor, since this company is behind some of the world’s most impressive gadgets at the moment.

So far, the Intel chips based smartphones are available for sale in France and the United Kingdom through France Telecom’s mobile carrier, Orange. The company is preparing to launch a smartphone Intel chips based sometime this summer. Taiwanese hardware company Gigabyte has been given the manufacturing contract by Orange, but the phone itself is a remake of something Intel once produced to present its newest mobile chip.

The smartphone carries an 8 megapixel camera, high definition video as well as Gigabyte and Orange branded features. The truth is that with Intel powering the gadget’s intelligence, industry buffs tend to be quite excited with all the endless possibilities coming from its performances list. And let’s not forget that the new smartphone will be carrying Google’s Android platform.

Plus, while the smartphone will carry all the brains in Intel, Orange’s plan is to make the gadget easily accessible. The idea is to offer high performance at a more affordable rate and spur up the data packages.

Mike Bell is co-head of Intel’s mobile and wireless business and has been appointed to handle the smartphone. He told Reuters: “This is a really big deal for us. It’s phenomenal that Orange has asked us to participate and put our Intel logo on the back”.

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