Intel CEO Tells Staff Windows 8 Bugs Is Hurting Microsoft

Windows 8 is ready to launch but apparently it’s not in its greatest shape. Intel CEO told his staff that Windows 8 bugs are hurting Microsoft. The company must work those bugs out before releasing the new OS.

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini told his staff in Asia, during two meetings, that Microsoft is quite in a hurry to launch Windows 8 and all this rush might end up in a fiasco. The bugs that Windows 8 has could seriously hurt Microsoft’s stock market, device market and draw away some of the company’s most important clients.

Bloomberg talked with an insider to the meetings in Taiwan that CEO Paul Otellini told his employees that Microsoft should solve its bug problem before putting Windows 8 on the shelf, even if they are in a hurry because of the upcoming holiday season. In Mr. Otellini’s vision, it’s more important to make the operating system stable than to beat Apple in the sales period.

Intel is one of  Microsoft’s closest partners and this dose of constructive criticism should ring Microsoft’s bells pretty fast. As described by Intel’s CEO, Windows is quite stable and alright but it lacks a wide range of robust applications and this is the kind of thing that could send back development a little bit. Since PC makers didn’t have time to adapt their drivers to the new system, essential pieces of hardware might be unuseful.

“We are concerned at the level of bugs and fine tuning that appears necessary to get the beta systems we demoed ready for prime time,” said analyst Alex Gauna, in response to versions of Windows 8 shown at Intel’s recent developer forum.

It would be quite a shame for Windows 8 not to come out the way as users have been promised. For Microsoft, a flawless Windows 8 means success, while the slightest bug could put it once again behind Apple.

The stakes are high for Intel too. The company has placed a lot of money on Microsoft and everybody is hoping the software maker will deliver. Laura Anderson, a spokeswoman for Intel, told Bloomberg that “Windows represents a tremendous opportunity for our business and we’re looking forward to working with Microsoft on enabling a host of new experiences on a variety of devices.”

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