Intel: “Android Is Not Ready For Multi-Core Processors”

After launching its single-core Medfield Atom processor, Intel claims Android is not ready for multi-core processors. According to the Inquirer, this declaration could be intended to help the Intel defend and promote its device against the numerous companies that have already come up with dual and quad core processors.

Android has taken ahead of many chip manufacturers in the past years thanks to its dual and quad processors. As a consequence, the technological companies have to make a lot of efforts in order to enter the market. Such is the case of Intel which has recently launched its first single-core processor called Medfield Atom and is now trying to convince customers to give it a try.

Since all is fair in… marketing and war, Intel’s general manager of mobile and communications Mike Bell tries to promote its chip by flinging mud at multi-core heavy weight companies, such as, Samsung, NVIDIA and Qualcomm. He told the press that Android is not capable of producing multi-core processors and customers will experience problems once they purchase them.

According to Bell, the multi-core processors created so far work a lot slower than single-core models. Intel claims that they have performed various tests on the devices that are already available on the market and they have realized that the moment the second core is turned on the power threshold becomes very low because of the size of the case. Thus, people who turn to the existing multi-core processors don’t really benefit from the presence of the other cores.

Bell further added that the quality price report is not as good as chip makers like their customers to think. He advised people to compare existing devices with the thermal and/or power constrained environment. This way, they will understand that it is not worth purchasing a quad-core processor because the benefits they get are imperceptible.

In the end, Intel’s general manager told the press that he cannot provide an exact date when their multi-core Atom processors will be released. However, he reassured clients that the company is working to make sure that the chips they produce will really make a difference.

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