Instagram reaches 300 Million Monthly Users

Instagram is starting to become more and more popular. So popular that they managed to have a bigger active user base than Twitter. If nine months ago, Instagram declared that they hit 200 million users, this week the image-centric social network says that 300 million people use its app every month, with 70% of users coming from outside the states. Yes, this means that Instagram is bigger than Twitter, which six weeks ago had 284 million active users.

Instagram is going stronger every day, even if they were acquired by Facebook and many people have thought that they won’t last much longer. The image-centric social network has no more than 7 million photos shared daily and approximately 30 billion total photos. Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s CEO, declared that “over the past four years, what began as two friends with a dream has grown into a global community.”

Looks like Facebook’s apps are doing great and they are very popular. Facebook has approximately 1.35 billion users, including WhatsApp 600 million users and Facebook Messenger 500 million users. Instagram is also planning to strengthen its authenticity and to launch verified badges for brands, celebrities and athletes. This way, you will not follow accidentally parody, look-alike accounts or tribute. With this tactic, Instagram helps boost confidence, Facebook also introducing it in May 2013. With the badges, users will develop stronger confidence and Instagram will be considered more trustworthy. In the same discussion, Instagram declared that they stopped deactivating fake accounts and spammer and they started to delete them. So, this kind of accounts no longer appear in follower counts. 

Another problem that Instagram users meet is that they are starting to follow more and more accounts over time, and they end up missing posts from their family or close friends. This problem happens because they are drowned out by other users share. This experience will determine the user to follow less accounts in the future, which means that others will have less followers. No one likes to share photos into an empty news feed and eventually they will stop using the app. Twitter is also facing this kind of problems. Instagram will need to help users to unfollow accounts that they never comment on or Like.

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