Instagram Is Now Available On Android

Perhaps some of you are wondering what’s all this fuss about Instagram and why should you be excited for it being available on Android. For all of those that chose Android because they didn’t want iOS, the opening sentence accurately describes their scrutiny towards Apple and its apps, but for people who have chosen Android because that gadget was more affordable than an iOS, chances are they’ve been waiting for Instagram for quite some time now. Well, let’s see what Instragram is all about, shall we?

First things first: Instagram is now available on Android, after two years it has been having a raving success on iOS based devices. However, not everything is compatible for Android, so from the top of the page I’d say Instagram for Android is fun and entertaining, but missing some essential aspects that made it a raving success on iOS.

Now, this section pertains to those Android buffs that didn’t crave for iOS app until now or people who live under a rock. Instagram is an app that now has more than 27 million users on iOS and once Android users will get the hang of it, the user number will surely skyrocket. Basically, we’re talking about an app that allows photo sharing between social networks and gives users different features to spice up their photos using filters, frames and so on.

Although Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has been marketing the Android compatible app as “one of the most amazing Android apps you’ll ever see”, at least for now there’s some stuff missing. For once, not all Instagram features will be available on Android. I’d call them essential for playing with your photos, but that’s just me. Bottom line, if you tried Instagram on an iPhone don’t expect the following features on your Android: Tilt Shift / Blur, share from feed, Live Preview and share to Flickr.

Instagram for Android is available for free in the Google Play section. Remember it is only available for smartphones on Android 2.2 and carrying Open GL ES 2. So far, even if the app just went online for Android, most users have pointed out Instagram isn’t running all that well on their devices. So before download and any mindboggling Android Instagram problems, remember to check if your smartphone is compatible with the requirements.

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