Instagram Goes From Mobile Phones To The Web

The famous photo-sharing app, Instagram announced on early Tuesday that it will soon make the transition from mobile phones to the web. According to the Associated Press, the app, which was recently bought by Facebook, will function as a website where users can share their snapshots.

Instagram is slowly but surely turning into a Facebook copycat according to the announcement that the company has recently made. The app used to be available only for mobile phones, particularly those running on Android and iOS, but it will now expand to the Web. Users will, thus, be able to share their photos on a website that is very similar to the social networks we have seen so far.

Instagram will be available on the Internet within the following days. Its initial look is rather basic because developers want to give users the possibility to get accustomed with it. The layout of the website is made out of a profile pic, some biographic data and the snapshots that each user uploads.

Since the app belongs to Facebook Inc., the Web profiles are reminiscent of the timeline used by the social network. There are, however, several differences that users might notice as soon as they become familiar with the web-based Instagram. First of all, users will not be able to post texts as they used to do on Facebook and, second of all, the new Instagram does not contain ads.

Even though Facebook and Instagram are very similar, Mark Zuckerberg insisted on maintaining the service as a separate website. There is no connection between the two websites; the Instagram Web pages are not linked to Facebook and users don’t need to log into their Facebook accounts in order to access their Instagram profiles.

When it comes to security, Instagram uses the same system as Twitter, that is, users can go fully public allowing other people to view their pics or they can turn their accounts private, so only pre-approved followers can have access to their photos.

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