Insights on Google’s New Retail Store

Google is about to follow in the footsteps of the other two IT giants, Microsoft and Apple, which have opened retail stores, but analysts at CNET News think the company needs to use a “Big Bang Theory” in order to be successful. The Android maker should not limit itself to imitating Apple; instead they should create a store that could truly appeal to its customers.

Having a unique selling proposition is the main condition that products need to fulfill in order to stand out from the rest of the existing companies. The same rule is valid even for giant corporations like Google, which is now trying to expand its array of services by opening retail stores. If the software company adopts the same strategy used by Apple, its stores might not draw customers simply because they do not address their target public. As a result, reporters at CNET News think the best solution for Google would be to come up with an entirely unique concept of retail stores.

In their opinion, the concept of the “Big Bang Theory” show is the most appropriate for Google’s future stores because they both appeal to nerdy viewers and, respectively, customers. Unlike Apple, which tries to appeal to hipsters and trendy customers, Google should come up with a store that parades its nerdomanic tendencies and does everything that is possible to entertain its visitors.

A predominantly white interior design works well with Apple’s retail stores because it is the color that is usually associated with the brand. Google, however, will have to use a different design as the aforementioned one won’t work with its identity. Among the suggestions that analysts at CNET have made is also the reproduction of “sophisticated college playroom” with books about dragons and characters from famous nerdy movies like “Star Wars” and “Game of Thrones”.

Helping people have fun while shopping should be Google’s main focus when determining the look of their new stores. Engineers, too, should work in stores, so they could better understand the needs of their customers, according to CNET News. In spite of the well-intentioned pieces of advice provided by various analysts, Google will decide the aspect of its retail stores on its own.

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