Insiders Say Tom Cruise’s Childhood Caused The Divorce


The divorce came just as fast as the news about their marriage. The fairytale is over and Tom Cruise came out looking like the bad guy in all of this. Insiders say Tom Cruise was stunned by Katie’s divorce filing. So, what went wrong is the question on everyone’s lips. According to an insider’s report published by ABC News, Tom Cruise’s childhood might have caused the divorce.

The divorce settlement with Katie Holmes has been signed. The media has been going up and down trying to find a reason for their split. Some have pointed Katie Holmes had enough with her ex-husband’s commitment to the Church of Scientology. Other said Katie Holmes changed during the marriage and reached the conclusion she wants something else.

But one of the most plausible theories is that Tom Cruise’s troubled childhood and the two stars’ different upbringings have led to the divorce. The actor’s former manager, Eileen Berlin told the Daily Mail she wasn’t surprised by the Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes divorce. In fact she strongly believes it was his childhood that messed things for them.

“He just couldn’t have a relationship and I think that was because you have to open yourself up and he’d been too hurt by his father to do that” said Eileen Berlin. She also added: “The world sees this good-looking guy, worth millions. I still just see this little boy”.

The actor first talked about his childhood six years ago, when he revealed stories of abuse. Back in 2006, Tom talked about his father Thomas Cruise Mapother III in bold words.  He was a “bully and a coward” said Tom Cruise. “The person where, if something goes wrong, they kick you…It was a great lesson in my life, how he’d lull you in, make you feel safe and then, bang!” confessed the actor. 

Right before Suri’s birth, Tom Cruise had an interview with Parade magazine. He told them about his father: “For me it was like, ‘There’s something wrong with this guy. Don’t trust him. Be careful around him. ‘There’s that anxiety”.

Tom Cruise’s mother broke up with his father when he was only 12. She took him and his sister with her, while their father remained for the most part alone. 


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