Injured Melissa Rycroft Is Back On Stage

One day after being hospitalized, injured Melissa Rycroft was back on stage Monday night without any pain medication.

According to People, Melissa Rycroft was rehearsing a dance move with partner Tony Dovolani on Sunday. Dovolani had to pull Rycroft between his legs and then back up, but when the former winner on “The Bachelor” landed on her feet, she began screaming in pain. Melissa Rycroft suffered a herniated disk, but was back on the Dancing With The Stars stage the next day.

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani had to wait for three OKs before they could go on stage and perform. “As of 10 this morning, we still didn’t have clearance to dance”. E! News writes that the couple “got a second and third opinion and were finally given the A-OK right before they went on”.

“I feel everything. We didn’t take pain medication today simply because I wanted to be able to feel if my neck was doing something it shouldn’t be able to” Melissa Rycroft told E! News. The Dancing With The Stars contestant added that she and Tony Dovolani have agreed upon a signal if something goes wrong during the dance. “I was going to squeeze his hand if something twisted the wrong way and that just meant stop” the injured dancer added.

A herniated disk means that one of the disks that hold the vertebrae bones in place has moved or ruptured. The patient experiences back or neck pain, or sometimes both, muscle spasms and sometimes a sensation of numbing. According to the Mayo Clinic, people can recover from a herniated disk, but only with months-long treatment that includes physical therapy and pain medications. If the condition aggravates, surgery is sometimes an option, but only when other treatments fail to provide relief.

“This potentially can be a big injury” said injured Melissa Rycroft in an interview with E! News. Her treatment for the next weeks is going to focus on “physical therapy, ice, heat, medication and choreography around the neck”.

Monday night, the injured Melissa Rycroft and partner Tony Dovolani performed on Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”.

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