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Ingredients To Look For In Anti-Cellulite Skin Creams

The myriad of anti-cellulite cream lines on the supermarket shelves can sometimes put you into trouble. The decisional process becomes even more difficult when your wallet is a little too thin and playing “Hunger Games” with your family looks like the only solution for you to obtain the miraculous product. It is not the name of the brand, nor the price of the merchandise you need to compare, but the ingredients contained in the lotion.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are the main components that your new anti-cellulite cream needs to contain in order to be effective. These acids are usually used in anti-aging creams because they firm the skin, but scientists have discovered that they work very well against severe cases of “orange peel”.

You probably heard a lot of discussions about the positive effects of the caffeine on both our bodies and minds. They were all true as natural caffeine really smoothens skin and reduces cellulite when applied externally. However, caffeine-based creams have temporary results, so make sure you apply them a couple of times per day if you are looking for quick solutions.

Chili oil is the latest “technology” that beauty product makers use to produce anti-cellulite creams. They have resorted to this ingredient because it is a world-renowned stimulator of blood flow. As soon as you rub this product into your skin, you will get a sensation of heat which increases the blood flow within the problematic areas. If you don’t like chili oil, you can use Aminophylline because it helps nutrients enter the skin faster and diminishes fat cells.

Our skin needs a lot of collagen to remain firm. For that, it is important that you purchase skin lotions that contain copper peptides. The latter stimulate the production of collagen in our skin, so you won’t have to worry about sagging areas and, implicitly, cellulite.

The anti-cellulite skin lotion you will purchase doesn’t necessarily have to contain all the above mentioned products; just choose the one that is more appropriate for your needs. Drinking lots of liquids, eating healthy food and practicing sports will also help reduce cellulite.

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