Infiniti Unveils M35h Hybrid

The Inquisitr reports that Infiniti has finally unveiled its M35h hybrid car after months of expectations. The company thinks the new model will convince many customers to try it due to its fuel efficiency and CO2 emission figures. Starting in May, the vehicle will be available in all countries across Europe.

A lot of discussions have been made in relation to the new Infiniti hybrid since the end of 2011 when the car was first announced. As a matter of fact, the vehicle has been tested by experts and described as the fastest hybrid car at present. In addition, the new M35h model can consume less fuel and produce less CO2 emissions than its predecessors, according to the spokespersons of the company.

The motor accuracy and the battery of the vehicle have been significantly improved in order to enable owners to drive it on longer distances. Moreover, the new features of the Infiniti hybrid give the vehicle the possibility to rely more on electric power when the cold snap hits.

Besides the aforementioned characteristics, the car does not present many modifications. Designers did not make many changes in the style and the equipment of the car.

The first tests have shown that the CO2 emissions dropped from 162g/km registered with the previous models to 159g/km. Although the amount of CO2 emissions wasn’t diminished too much, producers think it is a significant change, nonetheless. These results are great, especially for the UK market where the car can qualify for the Write Down Allowance due to its small percentage of CO2 emissions. The Write Down Allowance presupposes that companies can claim 20 percent of the car’s cost as capital expenditure per year. So far, they could only claim 10 percent.

Since the company is getting ready to launch its new product in UK, spokespersons have stressed the advantages that the car will bring to British buyers. Its increased fuel efficiency enables tax payers to save up to £180.

Although the vehicle is a hybrid, it has been provided with a powerful engine that allows the driver to reach 0-100km/h (62mph) in 5.5 seconds. This is considered one of the best times when it comes to hybrid cars.

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