Infidelity Is Written All Over a Man’s Face

You’ve probably heard women saying “That guy’s no good”, and if you brushed it off saying they’re imagining things you were wrong. Infidelity is written all over a man’s face reads a new study that says women can tell a cheating man simply by analyzing his traits.

Turns out women can spot a cheating man, it’s not just a myth anymore because infidelity is really written all over his face. Or at least that’s what a new study published in the journal Biology Letters says. Essentially, women make their judgment based on the man’s face. His traits seem to be an indication that he’s a cheating b*astard or a nice guy. The culprit is something all men take pride in: their masculinity.

The next time you’ll be gazing at Hollywood’s hunks, such as Gerard Butler or let’s say notorious lady’s man Colin Farrell, you should go past their good looks. The study conducted by researchers with the University of Western Australia in Perth says that the more masculine a man looks the more women think he is prone to be unfaithful. Well, both of these guys seem to meet the pattern. So next time you feel something’s off with that steamy looking guy, remember this study.

“Women’s ratings of unfaithfulness showed small-moderate significant correlations with measures of actual infidelity” the research writes. “More masculine-looking men rated as more probable to be unfaithful and having a sexual history of being more unfaithful” the study adds.

The Australian study had 34 men and 34 women watch photographs of 189 Caucasian adult faces. Then they were asked to rate those faces based on how likely to be faithful they were. The ratings were compared then to those 189 adult’s own sexual histories. Turned out, women were better than men at reading infidelity from faces.

“We provide the first evidence that faithfulness judgments, based solely on facial appearance, have a kernel of truth at least for women, and that they may help people assess the quality of potential mates about whom they have minimal behavioral information” the study concludes.

So, men with a wide, angular jaw, a square chin and prominent brow are going to have to answer to a lot of questions today.

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