Inbox Gmail Gets Makeover

Looks like Gmail is getting a major makeover and it is named Inbox. Announced by Google, the newest app, Inbox, is completely separated from Gmail and has the purpose to change how your emails are organized. Trying this new app from Google will help you find out if they succeeded in achieving this purpose. 

Inbox organizes your emails by categorizing every email that you receive, as an important message, which has a space in your Inbox, or as less-important message that can be received into a label with other emails of this type. Inbox is an app where your emails are automatically grouped into labels such as Social, Promotions and update. This new app has a brand new approach and more labels, helping you to remove clutter from your email. You should be aware that if you want to try Google’s newest app you need to send an email to to request an invitation.

Inbox’s design is very simple and clean and highly influenced by Android Lollipop’s new material design. When accessing your inbox you will find emails in chronological order, with messages from today on the top and followed by older emails. This new concept will help you to organize more easily your message and you can even set emails as a reminder.

Google introduce gestures into Inbox, with the purpose to manage your messages faster and they are incredible simple to use. If you swipe right, you will mark a message as done or archive it away. If you swipe left, you will snooze it. Compared to other gesture-based apps, Inbox is a very app to use. Just like Mailbox, Inbox gives you the opportunity to clear out emails from your Inbox and have them reappear later, when you have the time to deal with them. This actually is called the Snooze feature, and it will hide away your email in the Snoozed Inbox and after a period it will put them back in your main box.

Inbox by Gmail has a simple and great design with powerful features. However, many features of Gmail are still here, such as labels or archiving. Still, Inbox comes with a new way to organize your emails. You can compartmentalize every email or just let them into a single inbox. It is a great app because you can control every single message and decide when it can show up in your Inbox, letting your important emails come in.

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