In 2012, Chris Brown Won’t Be Giving Interviews

The last few years have been pretty challenging for artist Chris Brown, proving that being in the spotlight isn’t always all that easy for celebrities. According to official sources, in 2012, Chris Brown won’t be giving interviews, as he will be focusing on his music career.

In an interview for Billboard.com, Tina Davis of TDC/Phase Too discussed Chris Brown’s comeback and plans for 2012. Chris Brown’s manager explained for the magazine that in 2012 the artist will not be giving any interviews. Davis said the plan was to “not have him do interviews but to concentrate on performing and recording” adding that Chris Brown “signed up to sing and entertain. Not to talk about his personal life”.

According to Tina Davis, the plan to have Chris Brown stop giving interviews has been out there for a while now. In the end it is more than just allowing the 22 year old singer to focus on his music, but it is more of a strategy oriented towards keeping the bad stuff from leaking to the public and ruining a career that is just starting.

Davis said: “If people are going to judge anything, judge him for his talent. He signed up to sing and entertain. Not to talk about his personal life. We look at it as starting all over”.

Some three years ago, Chris Brown was making the headlines for being accused of hitting his girlfriend, whom at that time it was none other than famous Rihanna. He pleaded guilty on trial and was sentenced for felony assault to five years’ probation and six months of community service. His public image was seriously affected back then.

But then 2011 came and Chris Brown swept fans off their feet with a set of amazing hit singles such as “Deuces”, “No BS”, “Look at me now” and “My Last” featuring Big Sean. Brown was back being a favorite and it was just a matter of time until his music career was booming. He got a plethora of award nominations, a lot of media coverage, started a tour throughout the United States and even began filming a new movie.

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