IMB Claims to not be involved in NSA Surveillance

After being linked to this case, IMB claimed to not be involved in the NSA surveillance scandal. The company said that they have never shared data with anyone. 

IBM wanted to make sure that their message will reach all clients, so the company wrote a letter as a response, which was addressed to the clients of the firm. The letter says that IBM does not share client data with anyone. 

“IBM has not provided client data to the National Security Agency (NSA) or any other government agency under the program known as PRISM,” this statement said. “IBM has not provided client data to the NSA or any other government agency under any surveillance program involving the bulk collection of content or metadata,” it also added. 

The same statement added that IBM has never approved surveillance of the NSA or of any other government agency. The company tried to explain that client data has never been accessed by third parties, at least not with their knowledge. The company claimed that they comply with data privacy laws in all countries in which they operate and they will continue to do so, no matter what.

“In general, if a government wants access to data held by IBM on behalf of an enterprise client, we would expect that government to deal directly with that client,” IBM said. The company also explained that the privacy rules that it respects are applied both in the United States and for data that is stored outside the country. 

Reports published on Wednesday claimed that there might be a link between the surveillance programs and the company. IBM hurried to publish these statements, as the company fears that they might lose clients’ trust related to this scandal. 

IBM is just one of the technology giants who reacted following the release of these reports. Facebook and Google both took action. Actually, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg went to call the President of the United States, Barack Obama, to talk about this issue. The company took stand as documents showed that the NSA impersonated Facebook web pages with the purpose to gather information from targets.

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