Iggy Azalea’s Ex-Boyfriend Claims he had Permission to sell Sex Tape

It seems that things are not as simple as everyone imagined in this sex tape case. Apparently, Iggy Azalea’s former boyfriend claimed that he actually had permission to sell the sex tape. So, the boyfriend of the star, who has also been her manager, too, said that Iggy gave him the authority to put the tape on the market.

Iggy’s ex actually went on to reveal that she signed rights away, so he is entitled to whatever he wants with the tape. These revelations come as Iggy Azalea claimed that she never agreed with the sex tape being shared with the media. 

TMZ first reported that Hefe Wine might be in the possession of such a document. According to him, the document dates back to 2009 and it allows him exclusive rights to “manufacture, sell, distribute and advertise ‘any’ recording embodying visual images.” And that it not all. The former manager of Iggy Azalea says that the contract he signed with the singer gives him the right to cut records and music videos. 

Hefe is almost certain that he can do whatever he pleases with the tape. He claimed that he has the right to even create, host and maintain a website that would feature the video. Well, on the other hand, Azalea’s lawyers said that any publishing of a sex video of the star would be taken into justice. Moreover, it has been said that Hefe Wine is just trying to “damage her image and career out of revenge.”

“I dont have a sex tape but for the record…Anyone who releases or attempts to make profit off someone else’s intimate moments against their will is a sex offender,” a post from the singer said. 

Currently, Iggy Azalea is dating Nick Young and the two seem to be a happy couple. The pair was recently spotted outside a Target store and the singer has shared a photo of the two to celebrate their anniversary. In fact, from the pics they shared on social media, it surely looks like the two couldn’t be happier. Maybe, Iggy will be able to leave the sex tape scandal behind, as well.  

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