Iggy Azalea Files Lawsuit against Former Boyfriend

The fact that Iggy Azalea was not happy at all with the comments made by her former boyfriend is no secret. However, it seems that the star was actually so upset that she even filled a lawsuit against Maurice Williams. 

Maurice Williams, the ex-boyfriend of the star, was accused by Iggy of copyright infringement and theft. The popular singer accused Williams, who has also been her manager, too, of downloading the files off her computer without permission. The files the case refers to are materials from the early career of the star. The case indicates that Williams has been unlawfully using Iggy’s name, voice and trademark.  

The case dates several years back, when Williams accessed the singer’s computer. Now, Iggy Azalea says that her former boyfriend and manager downloaded the content without having the permission to do so. The star’s former boyfriend is also known under the name of Jefe Wine. Well, the lawsuit comes now, as Williams claimed that he possesses this content and is willing to sell it. 

Williams announced several companies that he had the rights to the star’s music dating back to 2008, in a press release. Actually, there is a complex scandal involving the former couple, scandal linked to a sex tape which is said to be in the possession of Maurice Willliams. TMZ revealed that Williams is in the possession of such a tape and claims he is able to use it whenever he wants. 

Williams went on to say that he in fact signed a contract with Iggy Azalea, contract which indicated that he has the right to sell, distribute and promote any material featuring the star, including so even a sex tape. Well, it surely seems that Iggy does not agree with this, as the lawsuit reveals that the agreement is a forged, a modified version of an old contract and not a valid document. 

Reps for Iggy Azalea said that Williams is just willing to profit off the star’s image and trademark. No comments on the recently filed lawsuit have been made by Maurice Williams until now, so a reaction is expected soon. 

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