Hyundai Receives $17.35 Million Fine for Delayed Recall

Hyundai has received an impressive fine for a delay in the recall of its vehicles linked to a problem with the brake fluid. The famous automaker recalled no less than 43,500 vehicles, but this did not happen in the proper period of time. 

Hyundai recalled Genesis vehicles from the 2009-2012 model years. Unfortunately for them, they should have reacted quicker than that, at least this is what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claimed. Hyundai accepted the fine, as it seems that the popular automaker is just interested in finally putting an end to this scandal. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed on Thursday that they met no resistance from Hyundai when it comes to paying this fine. The company agreed to it, even though this is the maximum fine that the law allows for this type of violation. The issue that was traced in these vehicles made 2009 through 2012 Hyundai Genesis sedans have an increased risk of corrosion, while the effectiveness in preventing a crash was decreased. 

Initially, Hyundai announced the recall of its cars back in October. The recall was scheduled following an investigation of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This investigation reached some interesting conclusions. It said that Hyundai actually knew about the brake fluid issue since 2012, but failed to issue the recall. What the company did was to instruct dealers to change the brake fluid. 

“Hyundai remains committed to making safety our top priority, and is dedicated to ensuring immediate action in response to potential safety concerns including the prompt reporting of safety defects,” a statement from the company said. 

Numerous automakers have found themselves in the situation of having to recall some vehicles this year. In fact, it has been revealed that no less than $43.6 million cars were recalled in the United States only. The fact that such a huge number of cars has been recalled only in 2014 is without a doubt concerning. However, many car makers have shown to be more interested now in the safety of its owners and maybe this is why the number of recalls has grown so much. 

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