Hurricane Leslie Heads To Bermuda

CNN reports that hurricane Leslie is heading towards Bermuda where local residents have already begun to prepare for powerful winds and heavy rains. Officials advised people to stay indoors as much as possible, whereas public schools and other institutions announced that they will close their gates on Friday.

Hurricane Leslie continues to make its presence felt in the Atlantic, even though the land hasn’t been affected much. According to recent weather reports, Bermuda could be hit by powerful storms and winds on Friday as Leslie approaches its land. Officials and local residents have taken all the necessary measures to avoid damages and injuries, which is why all public schools will be closed on Friday.

Bermuda’s Emergency Measures Organization released a statement expressing their preoccupation about the damages that the hurricane could cause on the territory. In their opinion, Leslie could turn into a historic storm for Bermuda as it is very big and it acquires a bigger intensity in its way towards the land. Powerful winds could continue to blow for at least two days, judging by the recent descriptions provided by scientists.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami announced on Thursday that Leslie was about 440 miles (705 kilometers) south-southeast of Bermuda and was heading north at 2 mph (4 kph). The maximum speed that the winds could reach is of approximately 75 mph (120 kph). Although the center labeled the hurricane as Category 1, it could become a Category 2 storm by Friday when the winds are expected to intensify.

Leslie is not the only storm preoccupying scientists at the center. Another hurricane, named Michael, was formed on Wednesday in the eastern region of Atlantic. The incredibly powerful winds of 115 mph and storms that have been produced determined the center to classify Michael as a Category 3 hurricane. Michael is the seventh Atlantic hurricane that took form in the 2012 season.

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