“Hunger Games” trailer released

The “Hunger Games” trailer that we have been waiting for, for so long, was finally released yesterday. The campaign, consisting in numerous posters, teasers and actors on the covers of the magazines has built up a lot of excitement that came to its peak yesterday when on “Good Morning America”, the viewers could get a glimpse of Suzanne Collins’ book adaptation for the big screen.

Fans of Suzanne Collin’s book were waiting for this trailer like hotcakes. “Hunger Games” trailer premiered on Good Morning, America on Monday. This way, the readers could see their heroes come to life in different scenes of the death tournament, in which war, romance and the will for survival are blended together.

The main character, Katniss Everdeen, is played Jennifer Lawrence who, at the age of 21 and after an acting experience of four years, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in 2010’s Winter Bone. In “Hunger Games”, Lawrence’s character is a teenager who volunteers to compete in a tournament of death. The selection of contestant occurs each year and this time, Katniss little sister was chosen. In order to save her from a sure death, she offers to take her place. The competition is televised all over the country.

 “Hunger Games” will hit the big screen in March next year. Until then, all those who have been waiting for a preview of the action, here it is:

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