“Hunger Games” – Third Leading Weekend

Much to my surprise, this weekend reports show that “Hunger Games” is still at the top of film goers’ preferences, thus registering its third weekend on a leading position. Somehow, the motion picture managed to attract more viewers than the recently released “Titanic 3D” and “American Pie”.

If you are anything like me, you immediately think there must be something wrong with a movie that requires more publicity than the Super Bowl and the Royal Wedding, collectively. Yet, “Hunger Games” continues to be one of the most appreciated films of the moment, irrespective of the negative reviews it has received so far. According to recent studio estimates, the movie grossed $33.5 million from U.S. and Canadian theaters between Friday and Sunday. And that is not all; “Hunger Games” has overcome everyone’s expectations due to the $302.8 million income that producers gathered since the release of the movie, three weeks ago.

International film goers were interested in “Hunger Games”, too. These customers raised ticket sales to $157.1 million since its release; thus enabling the production company to gather $460 million. Paul Dergarabedian explained reporters that the success of the movie comes from “great word of mouth”. In addition, the film was released in a period where there weren’t many similar movies on the market.

The second position of the weekend box office was taken by the much-awaited “American Reunion” sequel. Based on Universal Pictures’ declarations, the movie met the studio forecasts because it managed to ring up $21.5 million in America and Canada. The global total amounted to $40.8 million due to the international sales that were worth $19.3 million.

The conversion of the “Titanic” in 3D cost $18 million, but it was all worth it as the motion picture met studio expectation with its $17.4 million revenue registered this weekend in North American theaters. Since its Wednesday premiere, the new version of the “Titanic” grossed approximately $61.2 million around the world. The launching date of the movie was carefully chosen to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking on April 15, 1912.

“Wrath of the Titans” gathered only $15 million domestically and $43 million in international theaters. “Mirror Mirror”, on the other hand, struggles to draw viewers because the film landed on the fifth place after taking in only $11 million.

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