“Hunger Games” Makes Big Debut In Australia

Futuristic stories seem to be very popular among film goers these days. Deadline announced on Friday that the newly released “Hunger Games” movie produced by Nina Jacobson has made a big debut in Australia. The motion picture was highly anticipated in the Land Down Under given that it has scored a huge $1.8 million sale since its premiere on March 23.

Recent statistics show that “Hunger Games” is one of the most appreciated movies at present in worldwide theaters. However, Australian movie goers like it the most judging by the $1.8 million revenue that Nina Jacobson’s production gathered from ticket sales during its first day. The sum is bigger than the ones gathered by “Iron Man” ($1 million) and “Quantum Of Solace” ($1 million), yet, the all-time selling record was made by “Transformers 2” with $2.1 million sales.

The movie is viewed everywhere across the globe except in countries like Spain, Italy, South Africa, Japan, South Korea and Venezuela. “Hunger Games” was well-received in America, too. In fact, large numbers of film goers queued last night in New York City and Los Angeles to watch the midnight screening of the movie.

Judging by the latest figures, Hollywood and Wall Street take great confidence that the movie will continue to be a success in the following months, too. According to their estimates, “Hunger Games” could raise $125 million in the upcoming three-day weekend at U.S. cinemas. If their calculations turn out true, the movie will become the biggest premiere of March and will possibly break other records, as well.

The motion picture currently occupies the #12 position on the all-time list of widest openings, but it could go up during the following weeks if viewers will remain just as interested about it. The first position of the classification is occupied by the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” which was released in June 2010 in 4,468 theaters.

There are more than 75% digital prints for “Hunger Games” that are scheduled to be released in North American theaters this weekend. Producers think the movie could gross even more money if theaters agreed to pack more screenings in the upcoming 72 hours. However, this is very unlikely to happen given that the staff would have to work extra hours.

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