Hulk Hogan Testifies in Sex Tape Scandal

Famous actor and former wrestler Hulk Hogan has recently testified in a lawsuit filed against Gawker site, over a leaked sex tape. So, the actor actually took the stand on the trial and claimed that he was very embarrassed when the footage that was secretly recorded was published by the website. 

Hulk Hogan sought no less than $100 in damages from the website, which he accused of invasion of his privacy. The actor claimed that he was bothered by the whole case, which affected him. However, lawyers accused Hulk Hogan of making his personal life a public matter and talking about his sex life during an interview. 

Hulk’s friend, Bubba “the Love Sponge” had something to do with the video leaking. Hulk claimed that he felt something was wrong during a sexual encounter that involved Bubba and his former wife, who was said to have wanted to have sex with the star. “It was so weird and so crazy, my gut was telling me that this was off, this was wrong,” Hulk Hogan said. “From the feeling that I had, I said, ‘Bubba you’re not filming this are you?’…he lashed into me.”  

The star revealed that he was then contacted by TMZ, which called him to let him know that it was in the possession of some images from the sex tape and let him to believe that the source of the leakage was Bubba. “There was never any question of who he was or what he meant to me. I believed in my heart he was my best friend,” Hogan said about his friend Bubba. 

Well, soon the video, a one minute footage, was posted on Gawker and of course, Hulk Hogan decided to sue the website, but also Bubba and his wife. While the lawsuit with Gawker remains ongoing, the one with Bubba and his wife has been settled and Hulk’s former friend even apologized for the whole situation. 

“It’s turned my world upside down. The main thing is I was concerned about my children and my new wife, Jennifer,” the star said during his appearance in court. “My family’s been through so much…. I didn’t know how they would survive. I was worried about how this thing was going to affect everything with my relationship with my children,” he concluded. 

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