Hulk Hogan Returns to WWE after 6 Years

It has been confirmed: Hugh Hogan will return to WWE after no less than 6 years. It seems that the star is ready to make his comeback, even though he is 60 years old now. 

TMZ reported that Hugh Hogan has already started his training at the WWE Performance Center in Florida. It is expected for the star to make his re-debut now. The fact that he will be back to the World Wrestling Entertainment world has been announced by Hogan himself. 

Hulk Hogan has been one of the greatest stars of the WWE, so his comeback is not that shocking after all. And the actor and wrestler seems to be extremely happy with his comeback, saying that words “cannot describe how excited I am to be back at the WWE family.”

It was expected for the star to make an appearance at the Monday Night RAW and the WWE Raw Backstage Fallout Pass. Some sources claim that Hogan’s return came now as the company is preparing to launch its new WWE Network. 

Hulk Hogan has become well known as Hulkamania in the wrestling world. And he surely is the biggest wrestler in the history of WWE. Hogan became a widely known star back in 1984, when he defeated Iron Sheik and became the WWE Champion at Madison Square Garden. 

Throughout his long running career in wrestling, Hulk Hogan won the WWE Championship 6 times, setting many records in wrestling. His successful career has helped Hogan be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame, back in 2005. 

Sources say that at least for now Hulk Hogan has no matches in plans. But, you can never know when the star may change his mind to return to the ring. 

WWE reps claimed that the company is extremely happy with Hogan’s return. “Hulk Hogan will begin his fifth stint with the company. We’re thrilled to have Hulk Hogan has returned home to WWE. It’s fitting to have him help us celebrate 30 years of Wrestlemania,” the CEO of WWE claimed. 

Naturally, Hulk Hogan’s fans are the happiest ones to see their favorite star return to the world of wrestling. The last appearance of the star at a WWE event dates back to 2007.

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