Hugh Hefner, 85: “I have sex on a weekly basis”

Hugh Hefner wanted to clear one thing out, since his ex fiancée, Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris, spoke about their intimate relationship as being lame. After she said they only had sex once in their two-year relationship, Hef tweets: “I have sex on a weekly basis”.

The Playboy boss claims he is having a rich sexual life at the age of 85. He even gave more details on this part of his life when his ex fiancée, Crystal Harris, started revealing to the press details on their couple life which weren’t very complimentary to Hef. “For the record, I have sex on a weekly basis” he texted on Twitter. Then added that he had the same love routine when he was with Crystal: “I did [have sex on a weekly basis] throughout my two-and-a-half years with Crystal”. The mogul also confessed that his sex life involves several female partners for a while now: “My sex life involves more than one partner and has since the end of my marriage in 1998.”

Now this is a very different portray of Hugh Hefner, compared to how Crystal described him on Howard Stern’s radio show. She said that, besides the fact that they rarely had sex, “it lasted like 2 seconds” and he wasn’t really into this anymore. He liked more “couch cuddling and movie nights.”

In response to her statements, Hef immediately responded on Twitter that she lied and he does not know why. He also wrote that he believes Harris “seems lost” and feels sorry for her.

Since they broke-up Hefner did not lose much time crying over the lost love. He found two new girlfriends, Shera Bechard and Ana Sofia Berglund, both Playmates. When asked by a fan if his numerous girlfriends weren’t to blame for the break-up, Hef answered: “There is safety in numbers. When I try to settle down [like I did with] Crystal, I get burned”. He also says that his lifestyle seems very appealing to women: “I keep getting these requests to become a girlfriend.”

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