Huge discounts for Kindle and Nook on Black Friday 2011

Black Friday 2011 comes with huge discounts that will make ebook readers happy: Kindle and Nook will have price tags showing you’ll have to pay a lot less. 

Lately, the prices for digital book tablets have dropped somewhat making them more accessible for their enthusiasts, yet the e-readers still wait to strike a good bargain on either November 25th on Black Friday or November 28th on Cyber Monday.

Advertisements concerning the upcoming events have already flooded the newspapers and online stores, whose offers match if not surpass the deals available in local stores on the day after Thanksgiving sales.

The ads scans show the stores will try to discard the older Nook versions, Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch, in an attempt to make room for the upcoming Nook tablet and Nook touch ereader. Stores like Walmart or Overstock already offer discounts on purchases of Nook 3G and Nook wifi ebook reader, as well as the Nook tablets which can be obtained for only $150 online.

The Black Friday will bring further price drops for possibly limited quantities offers. As such, Target will have the Nook Color for $199 and the Nook Simple Touch for $99 with a $30 gift card attached to the purchase. Best Buy will sell the Nook Simple Touch for only $79. Staples will offer the same product for $99 and the Nook Color for $199 as well as a $20 gift card. Radio Shack will only sell the Nook Color for $199 with a $20 gift card as well. The best part regarding the gift cards all these store provide is that they can be used on spot or kept and used for Christmas purchases or even gifted to someone else for Christmas.

Walmart and Amazon will match their offers for the Black Friday to those in the local stores. The best way to get a hold of their special discounts is by keeping a close eye on their twitter feeds on both the day after Thanksgiving as well as Cyber Monday.

The Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire are already being sold at a loss in order to meet the local stores offers of $79 and $199 respectively, given that the stores create Black Friday sales by attaching gift cards to their offers. Last year, the online sale for Amazon Kindles on Black Friday was sold out in a matter of seconds, so it seems that the best place to get a good bargain on that day are the stores. Yet the online sales become the best option on November 28th for the Cyber Monday.

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  1. One part of the article is absolutely wrong:

    “The best part regarding the gift cards all these store provide is that they can be used on spot”

    I tried to buy the $30 gift card on the spot and I was not allowed to do so. Even trying to use the gift card towards $30 of other merchandise on the spot was not allowed.

    The $30 gift card deal is nice but better deals will come on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  2. I am very impressed with my new Kindle Fire. It’s lightweight, easy to use and has a great interface. I haven’t had any x-ray scanning issues either and I do a lot of air travel. First thing I installed was the nook app for free Android

    It basically unlocks all the Android marketplace apps and unlocks the device. I’m very pleased with the device.

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