Huawei has released TalkBand B2

The wearable market is becoming bigger and bigger as time passes and companies are trying every day to come with something unique. Some of these wearables come with interesting features, such as heart-rate sensors, others can make mobile payments and some of them offer extra-long battery life.

These days, Huawei has released an interesting activity-tracker, named TalkBand B2, which track user’s fitness, but also answer phone calls. This is a unique device that is part Bluetooth set and part activity tracker, but this is not its main attraction. The new wearable device is the first third-party tracker that can sync with Jawbone’s well-known Up software, which allows the user to enjoy daily health insights and coaching features.

Huawei TalkBand offers different models for purchase. The classic model is available at the price of 180 dollars and comes with a plastic strap, but there’s also a premium version that is delivered in gold with a leather strap and can be bought at the price of 200 dollars. Its price is probably a little bit high, having under consideration the fact that Jawbone Up2 is available at the cost of 100 dollars and the Fitbit Charge HR at 150 dollars.

However, neither of these two devices can double as a wireless headset. The new TalkBband B2 is like several other activity trackers that can be found on the market, it can measure the steps users take each day, their sleep at night and the number of calories burned. There is also a vibration option that can be used as a wake up alarm in the morning, and probably the best feature is that it can remind users to get up and move. 

Well, the best feature is that the TalkBand B2 can be transformed into a detachable Bluetooth headset that can be used to answer phone calls. It is a unique feature that no other wearable has on the market and could be a big plus for the company.

Just like the Apple Watch, the screen on this device will turn on when the user twists his arm. Unfortunately, there is no heart-rate sensor and it doesn’t have any sort of notification from the smartphone.

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