HTC’s “First” Phone Designed For Facebook Interaction

HTC’s “First” phone designed for Facebook interaction will hit stores on Friday. The first carrier that is willing to commercialize the handset is AT&T, USA Today informs.

The “First” model produced by HTC is not as good as the version released last month, the HTC One. The two phones have different uses as the “First” smartphone will most likely appeal to passionate Facebook users. The device was, in fact, referred to as the “Facebook Phone” because it is the first model that has been endowed with the social network’s new Facebook Home user interface. Those who are interested in purchasing the new model will be happy to hear that the handset will be available at any AT&T store starting on Friday.

The Facebook Home interface is not only compatible with HTC’s One, but with many other devices, including HTC One X; HTC One X+; Samsung Galaxy S III; and Samsung Galaxy Note II. In the future, the social network plans to make its interface compatible to other phones, such as, the recently released Samsung Galaxy S4. Tablets could be the next devices that will have the possibility to take Facebook Home interface.

Both HTC and Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, guarantee that the users of HTC One will never miss their connection with the social network as long as they use their in-house interface. It is the only Facebook Home interface that has been provided with the social network’s preloaded photo app, Instagram. The phone is packed with an AT&T emblem on the back and the HTC sign. The well-known Facebook emblem ‘f’ was placed between the two signs as a reminder of the fact that the device is a Facebook tool. Despite this, buyers can turn the Facebook Home interface off, although this would deprive the phone of its main utility.

HTC First has been provided with good tech specifications, as well. The device has been provided with Android’s latest OS Jelly Bean and it is compatible with AT&T’s 4G LTE network. The phone will cost $99.99 with a two-year contract.

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