HTC revealed its new flagship phone, HTC One M9

When HTC One M8 was launched last year, everybody said that this was the sexiest smartphone that they have seen all year, with an elegantly crafted hardware. So, this means that replacing such a masterpiece is not an easy task. Looks like HTC is sticking to the luxurious all-metal design and managed to launch another amazing phone, the One M9. With the new flagship phone, HTC is hoping to hold its ground against another amazing phone, Samsung Galaxy S6

Probably, those who hoped for a completely new generation of HTC phones will be a little disappointed. One M9 comes with a very similar overall design and it looks more like an evolution, rather than a completelt new phone. HTC’s new phone comes with a 5-inch display, with a full HD 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution and it is accompanied by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor. The “Ultrapixel” camera that M8 had it on the back, now can be found on M9’s front-facing camera. On the back is positioned a new 20-megapixel snapper.

Unfortunately, HTC didn’t announced the price of this masterpiece, but looking at a new top-end flagship, coated in metal, we can assume that it won’t be cheap. Rumors said that it is possible to be available on global sale at the end of March. This means that more information on prices will be available in the coming weeks. Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have committed to carrying the device in the United States. So far, in the United Kingdom users will be able to find it in with O2, Carphone Warehouse and EE.

HTC One M9 is equipped with the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop software on board. However, being a top-end phone, this is not a big surprise. With the latest version of its Android skin, called Sense 7, HTC has heavily customized the overall look of Android. However, Sense 7 is quite similar to Sense 6 found on the previous model. It is a nice layout, featuring simple and well-spaced app icons in the app tray. The device is powered by a 2,840mAh battery, meaning that HTC made a slightly improvement compared with the One M8. The company claimed that the battery will keep user going for a whole day of usage.

Even if HTC didn’t made major changes compared with M8, the One M9’s powerful processor, slick design and other interesting features will bring this phone in the highlights.

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