HTC One To Be Banned in Netherlands After Nokia Wins Legal Battle

HTC will not be able to sell its One smartphones in Netherlands according to the ruling of the Amsterdam District Court. The Taiwan-based firm was involved in a legal battle with the Finnish mobile company, Nokia and the latter won the case, BBC News reports.

Nokia requested the Amsterdam District Court to ban HTC One smartphones in Netherlands because the microphone components contained in their flagships belong to the Finnish company. According to the legal representatives, Nokia has dismantled HTC’s One model and discovered that the high-amplitude audio-capture technology was identical to theirs. The Finnish company filed a complained to prevent ST Micro, the firm selling the parts from commercializing the Taiwanese smartphones in Netherlands.

The Amsterdam District Court ruled on Monday that Nokia was right to file a complaint against the Taiwan-based manufacturer because the parts had been created by Nokia and manufactured exclusively for the phones of the Finnish company. Judges agreed that HTC One cannot be sold in Netherlands, but the ruling is valid only until March 2014 as components could be replaced by then. HTC responded that they will do anything they can to replace the components within the shortest period possible.

The recent ban will cause even more troubles to HTC. The company was already confronting with component shortage, so the replacement of the high-amplitude audio-capture component could prevent the company from reaching the desired financial recovery. The Taiwan-based company was not satisfied with the ruling of the court as the decision implies many negative consequences for them.

Patent lawyer Andrew Alton told reporters at BBC News that the ruling will, nevertheless, be limited to the Netherlands. HTC One will be available for sale in the rest of the European countries and if Nokia wants to ban them in other territories, they will have to start legal processes in each and every country. Nokia is one of the first mobile companies, so they have numerous telephony and software patents, Mr. Alton concluded.

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