HTC Gets Inspired From Microsoft For The Production Of “One” Phone

HTC might have used some bits and pieces of Microsoft’s technology in the production of its newly launched smartphone, One. Although the company did not openly admit getting its inspiration from Microsoft, the resemblance between the two devices is too striking to go unnoticed. According to the Associated Press, HTC’s smartphone has more or less the same home screen as Microsoft’s Windows Phone Software.

It may be a little too early to claim that a new legal fight between two smartphone makers is looming in the distance, but we’re going to take our chances anyway. The Taiwanese company has just revealed its new line of smartphones, so analysts did not escape the opportunity of comparing the smartphone with similar devices existing on the market.

The first impression was that One’s home screen looks very much like Microsoft’s Windows Phone software, more specifically, the interface is made up of large tiles constantly updated with information and photos from websites. Other than this, there aren’t other similarities between the two phones, but given the long court battle between Apple and Samsung, this could be reason enough for a new patent process.

The phone runs on Google’s Android operating system and features a 4.7-inch display with a 1920x1080p resolution. The metal case of the phone was long announced by HTC’s design director Jonah Becker during a press event in New York City, so fans were no longer surprised when they first saw the smartphone. The design of the device has been slightly modified and some analysts have ventured into saying that the phone resembles iPhone 5 because the gaps between the parts have been eliminated. Thanks to this small change, the smartphone is now smoother than the previous models.

There are several differences, as well, such as, the introduction of two speakers, one on top of the screen and the other one at the bottom. This way, users can experience stereo sound while watching movies in landscape. Moreover, HTC developers have created the smartphone as a universal remote controller by adding an infrared diode to the device.

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