HP unveiled its new HP Pavilion Mini desktop

Several years ago, small form-factor desktop PCs had a great success, especially among home-theater enthusiasts. They connected tiny computers up to TVs to watch videos or movies. Now, the only puck-sized desktop that is famous among buyers is the Apple’s 500 dollars Mac Mini. However, HP felt there’s enough room on the tiny computers market and launched HP Pavilion Mini.

This small computer is perfect to be hooked up on an office desk or in the living room. A good thing to know is that HP’s new Pavilion Mini costs less than Apple’s product and it is also smaller than Mac Mini. Another notable advantaged for HP’s mini desktop is that users have accessibility to its internal components, so they can add a new hard drive down the line or add additional RAM if they want to.

The Pavilion Mini comes with an Intel Pentium processor, but can be configured with a faster Intel Core I3 CPU if the buyer wants. There are available two less-expensive configurations pairs. The first one is at the price of 319 dollars and comes with an Intel Pentium CPU accompanied by a 7,200rpm 500GB hard drive. On the other side, at the price of 449 dollars, HP offers an Intel Core I3 CPU with a 1TB 5,400rpm hard drive. Both options have a 4GB of RAM, but also can support a maximum of 16GB if the user wants to add more.

The more expensive configuration of Pavilion Mini is a good match-up against Alienware Alpha, which comes with a Core I3 CPU and costs 499 dollars, but also a good competitor for the 499 dollars Core I5 Apple Mac Mini. HP Pavilion Mini comes with Windows 8 and has a pretty decent design. It might look like a Wi-Fi hub, an external hard drive or a micro-console for gaming. It measures 5.7 inches square and compared to Alienware Alpha and Mac Mini, HP Mini is the smallest desktop computer.

For everyone who looks for a low-cost desktop with a small footprint, HP Pavilion Mini is a pretty good choice.

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