HP’s new Pavilion desktop PC

Nothing is no classier than returning to a new desktop PC, and not any desktop, but one with a 4K panel. This is the idea that HP wants to promote this season.

The tech giant has announced a re-skinned desktop and a new PC that will come with all-in-one and is dedicated especially to students. To be mentioned that PC sales have slipped considerably over the last few years, but all-in-one computers aim to make a comeback in 2015, all thanks to Microsoft’s pending release of Windows 10.

HP has launched its new Pavilion desktop PC line and colorful Pavilion Tower PCs running Windows 8.1. Alongside this release, HP has also presented its new partnership, declaring that its PCs will feature Bang & Olfusen’s B&O.

This means that HP has updated its laptops and PCs with audio treatment. The Pavilion all-in-one line will feature three display sizes: 21.5-, 23- and 27-inch. All of these three sizes will have HD 1080p resolution IPS display, meaning that the system will have a pretty good viewing angle. The system will also have a variety of different configurations, like fourth-generation Intel Celeron; Core i3, i5 and i7, but also AMD A5, A8 and A10 processors. However, customers will also be able to pick from Intel Integrated graphics to the discrete AMD Radeon R7 A330 or A4360 graphics. To be noticed that the all-in-one system can be configured to 3TB of storage.

HP’s new all-in-one Pavilion has two USB 3.0 ports and a memory card slot that can be found under the screen. On the back there are also placed four USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI-out for connecting to a secondary screen and Ethernet. The HDMI-in port will allow users to use the screen for a Blue-ray player or a game console. This system will be found at the price of 649.99 dollars and it will be available on June 28. Unfortunately, not everyone will have access to native 4K content, that’s why HP declared that the monitor features an upscale to make standard 10080p content to look good at 4K resolution. HP’s new Pavilion desktop PC will certainly have a comfortable place on the all-in-one market.

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