How to Use DSLR Lenses with iPhone

Have you ever imagined you could take professional photo shoots with only an iPhone 4 (and 4S, and iPhone 5), DLSR lenses and a SLR mount? Thanks to Photojojo’s iPhone SLR Mount you’re going to fall in love with your iPhone 5 a second time.

Compatible with DSLR Canon and Nikon lenses, the $249 SRL Mount for iPhone might feel like a hefty purchase, but professional photographers are definitely going to love it. And so will people who love iPhoneography. After all, who wouldn’t love turning an “iPhone into a DSLR using real SLR lenses”?

The case is made of study aluminum and features two strap loops and a tripod attachment that holds everything in place while you’re enjoying a whole new dimension of iPhone photography whether you’re hanging it around the neck or not. This gives you depth of field and manual focus and access to a huge variety of lenses you’ve always wanted to try with your iPhone.

Use it with the TurtleHead app (available for free on App Store) to make the whole manual focus and orientation more precise and user-friendly, although you might not need it if you are a versed DSLR user. And then again, given reviews it might be advised o get the hang of a DSLR camera before adding these lenses to your iPhone 5, 4S.

MacLife’s review reads that the iPhone SLR Mount might be a bit overwhelming for the beginner user, although “installation is fairly straightforward”. But switching lenses might prove to be a handful, at least until you get used with the whole process of  taking off the lens, removing a lens ring mount, reattaching the ring to another lens and reattaching everything to the iPhone SLR Mount. Their review also talked about challenges with framing shots and using the fisheye.

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