How To Turn Your Smartphone Browser Into A Game Controller

Google has created the first game that encompasses the three main devices existing on the market at present. The sports game inspired by the PC programs of the 80s is available in Google’s browser, but it requires a smartphone or a tablet to be able to control it.

The combination of devices that Google has used for the Super Sync Sports Chrome Experiment has never been used before, but the software company is determined to test it to see the impression it might have on users. The game is available on the desktop browser, but the game controllers are users’ smartphones or tablets. The Experiment is inspired, according to the declaration of the company by the games of the 80s in which various avatars race against one another to achieve various goals.

There is a wide variety of avatars, as players can choose to be anything they want from cupcakes to moose heads. Four players can join the race at the same time because Google wanted to bring people together with their new app.

The innovation consists in the fact that the software company has managed to make an unprecedented combination of technologies. First of all, the game uses browser technologies, such as, HTML5 Audio, CSS3, SVG and Canvas. The most important part is the fact that the use of Touch API allows the device to recognize the hand gestures that the users make on their mobile devices. WebSocket was used to allow phones and browsers to stay in sync.

Super Sync Sports is a proof of the fact that our technology has evolved a lot in the past years given that the mobile browser may be easily turned into a basic Wii U GamePad. There are several steps that users need to accomplish in order to be able to join Google’s new game. First they have to fire up Super Sync Sports on the desktop browser, as well as the mobile phone or the tablet (running on Android 4.0 and iOS 4.3+).

Users have to choose the type of game they want to play, be it a multi-player or a single-player one. A sync code must be introduced into the web app, so the player/s can begin the race. Reviewers have all agreed upon the fact that the game is rather fun, especially when other players join the network. However, the music could have been improved, in their opinion.

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