How To Prepare Your Wardrobe For Fall 2012

Like it or not, we must take leave of summer and prepare ourselves for the cold rainy days that are about to set in with the arrival of the fall/winter season. Refreshing your wardrobe with the latest fashion elements suggested by designers may or may not prevent you from freezing in the blizzard, but it will definitely do away with winter blues.

Minimalism and simplicity used to be designers’ favorite terms for the previous winter seasons as a result of the increasing number of financially conscious customers. This year’s collections, on the other hand, represent a return to the obvious display of luxury which is why baroque elements are traceable in the main winter items. Embroidery, tapestry and needlepoint are the elements you may use to recreate the baroque trend. Those who feel audacious may take the style to the next level by wearing heavy fabrics like velvet, leather and silk brocades; you may even follow in the footsteps of Scarlett O’Hara and wear your drapes as a dress. Whatever you do make sure you accessorize your outfit with gold embellishments.

If you prefer something less extravagant, you can enrich your wardrobe with garments related to the school-inspired fashion. Clichés must be left aside as designers warn their new collections have nothing to do with the sexy school girl image that was often portrayed in the media. There are two main categories that may be traced in this trend: the preppy innocent look vs. the rebellious one. The former presupposes the use of high collar shirts or blouses with knee-length skirts or peg trousers and Oxford shoes. For the rebellious look you will have to wear varsity jackets, skinny jeans and lots of accessories.

The third fashion trend that will be more prominent this winter is the gothic revival for those who love dark clothes. Since this style presupposes the absence of color, the fabrics that you select must make your outfits stand out through their rich texture, such as, brocade, velvet, embroidery and fur. Black sheer materials may also be adopted to create powerful effect, especially when topped over bold hues. Red, royal purple and midnight blue are the alternatives you can use instead of an all-black outfit. The key to obtaining a true gothic look is to wear your hair with loose waves and adopt vividly colored lipstick, preferably in the shade of red, cranberry or plum.

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