How to Make Siri Do Everything You Want It to Do

Although it was Apple’s biggest selling point with iPhone 4S, Siri isn’t exactly the most exciting, life-like and error-proof digital voice assistant. As a matter of fact, like most other users, you probably have stopped using Siri as soon as the novelty wore off. Here are a few things to teach Siri that will make it feel like Siri could do everything you want it to do.

Siri was built to work with almost all of your built-in apps, such as Maps, Sports, Movies, Local Search, Post on Facebook, FaceTime, Phone, Messages, Send a Tweet, Notes, Wikipedia Search , Reminders and there’s still a lot left to add to the list. It basically uses Search and Location Services to deliver the information you request and it will even learn about your relationships.

But Siri isn’t able to learn just about your relationships. You can use Siri as an expert in cinema and turn it in your very own IMDB. Ask it about your favorite actors and movies and Siri will give you the answer. It will definitely come in handy when arguing with friends about that movie you just can’t remember its headline but know the actors.

Siri can also post to social networks for you. All you have to do is say “Post to Facebook” or “Tweet” and your message. For instance “Post to Facebook eating the best pizza ever”. It also works with different messages, such as “Write on my wall” and “Post message to Facebook”. This is definitely something to try when cooking a new dish or when your hands are busy doing something else and you just have to tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter about it.

By the way, Siri takes dictation and if you haven’t, you should at least give it a try. It makes things so much easier. For instance you can have Siri write emails, articles or blog posts without having tapped your device’s keyboard at all. This feature works with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini and iPod Touch (5th generation). To activate the dictation feature just tap the microphone button on the keyboard and start talking. To help make things leaner, you should consider using punctuation. For instance: “Hi mom, comma new paragraph I’ve arrived just fine at the hotel winky face new paragraph all caps LOVE YOU exclamation mark”.

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