How to Lose a Plane in a World Dominated by Technology

One of the saddest news at the moment involves the loss of a plane, on Friday night. As the plane has not been found yet, everyone wonders how was this possible in a world dominated by technology. 

The plane actually vanished about one hour after leaving Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. The plane disappeared on Friday night and all efforts made to find it until now have been in vain. Search and rescue teams from no less than 9 countries are looking for the plane with no idea where it could be. 

Having under consideration that one of those countries is the United States, and keeping in mind the technology that can be found in the world today, when GPS is everywhere, this case is at least strange. Meanwhile there is no sign on what could have happened to the plane and the 239 people aboard. 

The Boeing 777-200 went missing and so its passengers. Boeing has refused to make any comments on this subject, as in the lack of information on what happened, they would only be speculating. There are a series of opinions trying to explain this unbelievable situation. 

Experts seem to believe that whatever happened to the plane, happened extremely fast, probably over ocean, the China Sea or the Gulf of Thailand. This means that it will last months, or maybe years until we will find out what really happened. 

Most likely it felt into the ocean, such as the Air France Flight 446, which fell into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009. Investigators needed two years to find the black box data recorder and discover what happened. 

However, if then everyone knew that the plane had crashed, now we only know that the plane has vanished, leaving no trace. There were no communications with the captain saying that something might be wrong, no warning and no mayday call. This makes the case extremely unusual and strange. 

And it also leads to the supposition that what happened was so fast and catastrophically that the captain and his crew had no time to communicate the problem with the ground. Radars don’t work once the plane is more than 100 or 150 miles from shore, over the ocean, so air traffic control cannot tell exactly where the plane was and when it went down. As no one knows where the plane went down, investigators have no idea where to look into the big ocean. 

Even though we live in the era of advanced technology, it still has many limitations, which come to surface in such cases. The Associated Press reported that the Flight 370 signal was lost as the plane entered the Vietnamese air space. No one from the plane tried to connect with anyone, in any kind. GPS could not work and there was no Wi-Fi connection. This means that passengers phones cannot be traced and the plane cannot be found, despite all the advanced technology. 

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