How to Fix the Fast iPhone 5 Battery Drain

It was quite soon after the iPhone 5 release that buyers started reporting serious battery life issues. It was a problem millions of people have reported within the first weeks since the purchase and it wasn’t isolated. iPhone 5 buyers argued it was the Wi-Fi, iOS 6 even, 4G/3G networks and so on that have impacted their battery life. Reports however have been quite confusing and if for some the rollout of iOS 6.1 has fixed the issue, for the most it has only made things worse.

iPhone 5 features quite the impressive set of tech specs, but battery life isn’t one of them, although Apple says the smartphone packs its best battery yet. The non-removable Li-Po 1440 mAh battery offers up to 40 hours of music play, up to 225 hours in 2G and 3G in stand-by as well as up to 8 hours of talk time both in 2G and 3G. It is either not enough or the powerful iOS and A5 processor are taking their toll because reports about iPhone 5 battery drain talk about losing 19% power in just one hour of moderate usage (push notifications, up to 5 web pages). So, what do you do to fix the fast iPhone 5 battery drain?

First of all, make sure the fast iPhone 5 battery drain isn’t caused by you using power-hungry apps, multitasking needy apps, widgets and so on. Begin by turning off everything that might impact battery life: Siri Raise to Speak, Location Services, Push Notifications and Notification Center widgets.

Some power hungry apps will lurk away from your sight. Although you might not actively use Skype, Pandora or Tom Tom right at these moments, these might take their toll on the battery more than you’d imagine.  To see which apps your device is running in the background, press the Home button twice to display the multitasking dock and hold your finger on an app icon to enter the “jiggly mode”. Turn them off to see how iPhone 5’s battery is behaving.

You should also try and turn off the iPod EQ, the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE when you’re not actively using them. Set your email, calendar and contacts notifications from Push to Fetch, turn off media downloads, keyboard clicks and consider using your headphones instead of the device’s speaker to listen to music.

At this point it’s hard to know which is the main cause of the fast iPhone 5 battery drain, so it is more of a balancing act than a bullet-proof recipe.

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