How The Viacom – DirecTV Dispute Is Messing With Your Cable Access

Next time you switch your TV to MTV or Nickelodeon and find a black screen, it means you are witnessing how the Viacom and DirectTV dispute is messing with your cable access.

It’s an interest war that began only a few days ago. So it wasn’t a surprise when more and more clients begun losing their favorite shows such as “SpongeBob Squarepants” and “Jersey Shore”. But that’s only because Viacom, one of the most important and influent mass media company in the US, is trying to raise the charges on some of their channels.

This small charge of “just a few pennies” as Viacom spokesman described it, happened to interfere with the cable service provider DirecTV. With this big dispute on small charges, most of the 20 million satellite TV users in the US began loosing their connection to very popular channels such as Spike, Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central or BET.

Also, this television war’s victims are even provided channels such as Nickelodeon. Once the shining star of Viacom, Nickelodeon has suffered a significant reduction in audience points. In fact, last year alone the TV channel lost 30 percent because of something a spokesman for DirecTV described to be “just another underhanded negotiating tactic”.

Yesterday, the whole conflict turned viral as representatives from both camps tweeted messages with apologies sprinkled with just a little hatred. Viacom and DirectTV sent promises of better services as soon as their conflicts will settle down.

Meanwhile, clients across the United States struggle to learn exactly how this huge interest warfare will affect them. As found on the internet, many people asked questions about their bills or how will DirecTV solve things out. “The biggest question is will my monthly bill go down until this dispute is resolved?”said one user.

Another interesting fact is that DirecTV is not considering lowering the bill prices due to this misunderstanding. “My payments are based on a certain amount of channels and if I am not getting those channels I should not be paying for them” one client pointed out.

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  1. Just as DirecTV can suddenly pull theses channels from their line up, I can suddenly pull up my satellite receiver and give it back to DirecTV. Both Viacom and DirecTV have lost touch with reality in using customers as a bargaining chip. The old saying goes, never bite the hand feeds you. It is obvious that both of these companies are just looking out for their own interests while making customers pay. Hey, stupid DirecTV, customers losing channels that you are still making them pay for is PUNISHMENT and ROBERY. Hey, stupid Viacom, playing games with “pennies a day” rate increase shows you think all consumers are idiots. Being greedy just so you can increase your profit margin and yearly bonuses is lame. Why don’t you just say what you trying to do instead of trying to act like “pennies a day” is so innocent? Get real! I know that I (nor many others) will not remain a DirecTV customer if they can’t act like appropriate business people and get a deal done or offer an APPROPRIATE discount for the absence of these channels. Yeah, they may be available online for free but are you going to start helping me pay for my bandwidth to watch them and help me pay so I can stream them to my 50 inch plasma TV’s throughout my home??

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