How Samsung Galaxy S4 Changed Game Rules for EA

Games have suffered various changes in the past years, but the arrival of the new Galaxy S4 smartphone from Samsung has imposed new rules for the Electronic Arts company. Although the S4 model will not be available sooner than this fall, game publishers have already adapted their games to the new technology introduced by Samsung, CNET News informs.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most innovative smartphones at present due to the technology it has been foreseen with. Game publishers like Electronic Arts have realized that Samsung will most likely revolutionize the mobile market and they are, therefore, making great efforts to adapt their products to the devices.

Glenn Roland, vice president of New Platforms and OEM at Electronics Art, told the press that his company has one of the richest catalogues of entertainment products on the market. They have created games to appease all their consumers’ requests, no matter their age or their preferences. The arrival of Samsung Galaxy S4 has imposed technical modifications, as well, not just subject diversification. According to Roland, the games that have been produced by Electronic Arts will deliver sharper graphics, faster load times and better sound to offer a better experience to users of mobile devices.

Glenn further revealed that the development team is doing everything it can to keep up the pace with the new trends. Thus, they try to produce games that are compatible with the latest game consoles or technologies released on the market. The aspects they usually take into consideration at present are connected TV capabilities, eye tracking technology, Group Play and Game Arcade.

Electronic Arts is particularly interested in the Game Arcade controller provided by Samsung. The game publisher thinks the technology and the good quality screen resolution that Samsung is offering show the company’s commitment to its fans and to gaming demographic. During E3, Electronic Arts mobile will introduce a wide variety of games to its customers.

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