How Microsoft’s Own Tablet Will Compete With The iPad

Since the first iPad hit the market, every significant name in the IT industry gave it a shot with a self branded tablet. Microsoft on the other hand took its time but rumors say the company is ready to show off its own tablet. Moreover, it looks like Microsoft is confident its own tablet will compete with the iPad.

So far, each company that launched a tablet claimed it will be able to challenge Apple’s iPad. Not many have succeeded. In fact, in terms of sales, the iPad is still leader of the market, with Samsung still struggling to reduce the gap. So, Microsoft’s upcoming tablet needs a bullet proof marketing strategy and state-of-the-art technology to succeed where so many others have failed.

Rumors regarding Microsoft’s own tablet first started with the company’s decision to sign a partnership with Barnes & Noble and making Xbox LIVE more accessible. Business Week writes that sources close to Microsoft say the tablet will run Windows 8 and would come with ARM Holdings Plc or Intel x86 chips processors. All in all, Microsoft is expected to confirm the rumors this Monday in a Los Angeles conference.

Dedicated media has already received an invite from Microsoft to a major press conference. The message was made to raise curiosity, but many believe Microsoft’s event this Monday won’t be as major as the invite reads. TechCrunch writes that if the company was indeed to present a tablet, the announcement would have stirred a lot more fuss, but in the end Microsoft is not Apple.

Gartner Inc. analyst Michael Gartenberg told Business Week in an interview that Microsoft has a lot of work to do to make sure its tablet will be able to challenge the iPad. Some of the company’s weakest points are its marketing strategies, that aren’t even half as compelling as those launched by Apple. “Telling compelling marketing stories to consumers for the most part is not something Microsoft has demonstrated an ability to do”.

Experts say that Microsoft’s only chance to make its tablet all the rage would be to sell it at a price users won’t be able to resists. But not many have managed to price their tablets under Apple’s cheapest version of iPad, $499. On the other hand, Bob O’Donnell, IDC analyst, told Bloomberg, Microsoft won’t be able to price the tablet beneath the $499 price.

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