How Is Lindsay Lohan Broke?

The IRS took over Lindsay Lohan’s bank accounts to recover a whopping debt of $233,904. So, basically Lindsay Lohan is broke, well…again.

“Liz & Dick” should have solved all of Lindsay Lohan’s troubles. The Elizabeth Taylor biopic should have revamped her career and show everybody she really is a quality actress. Unfortunately, the biopic was harshly criticized and it was Lindsay Lohan’s acting that seems to have ruined it. Now, Lindsay Lohan is broke. The IRS seized her bank accounts to repay her debt of $233,904.

Last week, Charlie Sheen was making the headlines with a good deed. He was giving Lindsay Lohan $100,000 to pay her IRS debt. It seems it didn’t make things go away, because the debt she owes to the IRS is bigger than $100,000. Her unpaid taxes from 2009 to 2011 (and most likely 2012) amount to $233,904. The IRS has already fined Lindsay Lohan $140,203 and $93,701.

So how IS Lindsay Lohan broke? Again? Where is all her money? Michael Lohan, the actress’s dad says Dina Lohan should know, since Lindsay Lohan has been paying for her mother’s detox and debt. “I’m very concerned. Where is all her money going” Michael Lohan told the Daily News.

Plus, it’s not like Lindsay Lohan has been living from her savings, she’s been making money in the range of millions. Lindsay Lohan got $150,000 for promoting an energy drink called Mr. Pink and another $2 million from “Liz & Dick”, a Playboy pictorial and a cameo in Scary Movie 5. Yet, Charlie Sheen had to step up and give her $100,000 to pay (some) of her IRS debt.

Friends and insiders say Lindsay Lohan is just bad at handling her money. “Her finances are in a mess” an insider told The Huffington Post. “She lives very large, staying at the best hotels and traveling first-class. All the money she earns she spends, and then when it comes to taxes, she has nothing left” the source revealed. “Right now, she is desperate to find a paying gig to just get this burden off her back”.

“Lindsay is freaking out. And she’s doing what she always does, which is to say it’s not her fault and point the finger at someone else in her team” another source told The New York Post. “She says she didn’t know anything about it…she’s broke and it’s not her fault”.

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  1. In America, some of the biggest winners are actually huge losers! It is our fault for electing these losers to their high status. We are a country of mounting stupidity.

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