How Is Actress Kathy Bates Feeling After Double Mastectomy?

Actress Kathy Bates tweeted on Wednesday to let her fans know she was feeling better after the double mastectomy she has recently suffered. According to Denver Post, the Oscar-winning actress was diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago and decided to have both her breasts removed.

Kathy Bates’ battle with this disease started nine years ago when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The actress rigorously followed the treatment recommended by doctors and she is now a cancer survivor of “nine years and counting”.

Her previous experience enabled her to make the right choice when doctors announced her two months ago that the disease spread to her breasts, as well. She understood it was better to have both her breasts removed, so she doesn’t feel sorry for going under the knife. In fact, Bates didn’t even have to undergo radiation or chemotherapy, so doctors reassured her she was going to be around for a long period of time.

Now that her condition has improved, Kathy would like to return to television. She tweeted on Wednesday telling her fans that she doesn’t miss her breasts as much as she misses her show, “Harry’s Law”. Unfortunately, the NBC drama was canceled in May, so the actress will have to wait until a new project comes her way.

Kathy also wrote to her fans that her family nicknamed her Kat because she always lands on her feet no matter how many difficulties she may encounter. The recent surgical intervention was no exception to the rule, so Bates is anxious to get back to work. She stated, in the end, that she loves acting and plans to work in this field for as long as possible.

The Academy acknowledged Kathy Bates’ passion for the movie industry with an Oscar trophy for her 1991 performance in “Misery”. This year, she is nominated for two Emmys: one for “Harry’s Law” and another one for her guest appearance on “Two And A Half Men”. 

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  1. I am also a survivor of breast cancer, 9 years.
    I just want to let Kathy know that she is in my heart and I am sending her positive energy.
    She is an amazing actor, and I look forward to seeing her
    on another project soon.

    with love and metta

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